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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Get More Youtube Views

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Music Field

  1. Prabesh Man Shakya

  2. DJ Raju

  3. Nhyuee Bajracharja

  4. Sanuraja Maharjan

  5. Baburaja Maharjan

Known as Dakshin Koligram during the Lichchhavi period (300-879 AD), this ward contains a rich cultural heritage exemplified by the temples of Atko Narayan and Jorganesh, the artistic shrine of Nasa-dya and various monastic courtyards. Kumari Chhen or the house of Kumari, which is listed as a World Heritage Site, is also situated in the ward - heightening its significance as a cultural center. Ward No. 23 is a treasure trove of cultural artifacts thanks to its ancient history. And this has made it a tourist hotspot in Kathmandu.
The ward is surrounded by Ward No. 22 in the east, Ward No. 20 in the west, Ward No. 25 in the north, and Ward No. 21 in the south. The ward contained 1,709 households and a population of 8,289 in 2001. Its area is 10.2 hectares.

Address Press
Shakya Offset Press Pvt. Ltd.
Phone: 977-1-4260608,4265185. Fax: 977 -1-4265606. Office: Ombahal tole, Jorganesh, Kathmandu,Nepal ...

Vip Person
Hon. Managal Siddhi Manandhar (For. Minister)
Hon. Prayagraj Sing(For.Minister)
Hon. AstaLaxmi Shakya(Minister commerce)
Hon. MarsalJulum Shakya(For. Minister)
Pabitra Bajracharya(Khuddra Byabar Sang)
contact No.Mr. Pabitra Bajaracharya 4243029 / 9851032771
Ravicharan Shrestha

Address Hotel & Resturent
eden hotel, deyalo resturent

Cyber Cafa
speed cyber, jhhochhen cyber & 5 cyber

Ticketing Shop
10 travel

Kathmandu MetroPolitan city Office (KMC)
olympus club, Phon No. 4225182 and Basantpur

Polic Station
Janasewa, Hanumadhoka

Jhorganesh, KumariGhar, Atkonarayan GaneshMandir, Basantapur DarbarSquar

Dhungay Dhara

Fire Bridge

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Friday, November 14, 2008

23 ward kathmndu

jhochhen road

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) is the capital and largest city in Nepal. As part of one 23ward of the KMC. It is located at Basantpur, Jhochhen , Dharmapath etc. Here Permanetly people about 15 thousand but all about 30 thousand people(temporary+permanetly).

KMC Almost 700,000 people live here amidst a swirl of business, industry, politics, old temples and colorful festivals. Kathmandu has expanded into a modern international metropolis while still preserving its ancient culture and architectural heritage. The city thus presents a delightful blend of the old and the new, the charm of the past and the energy of the present. Kathmandu's got history, it's got ancient artistic monuments, and it's also got swanky commercial complexes and fancy roads clogged with late-model cars.In Kathmandu you will see tantric priests rubbing shoulders with jet-setting businessmen, and kids rollerblading past medieval pagoda temples. Illiterate farmers and foreign-educated industrialists jostle at the marketplace. From exotic bazaars going back to the Silk Road era to high finance, Kathmandu is a kaleidoscope of amazing images.Commerce is what drives Kathmandu. The capital is also a major manufacturer and exporter of garments.

NEPAL - AMAA NETWORK CONSULTANT HOME PAGE: Information Links on ...Discover Nepal Rafting (P) Ltd. P.O. Box 912. Durbar Marg, Kathmandu ... N.K.'s River Experience (P) Ltd. P.O. Box 1914. Jhochhen, Kathmandu ...

More results from » - Matatirtha Computer Company Pvt. Ltd.15, B.R.Cyber World, Jhochhen, Kathmandu. 16, Creative Cyber, Boudha, Kathmandu. 17, Dharana Cyber Space, Boudha, Kathmandu ...

Name Reg.No Address Home Arya Bhattarai 1 Kupondol,Lalitpur Tel ...Suraj Bajracharya, 353, Jhochhen,Kathmandu Tel:4242739,4247893. Fax:4268449,mo: 9851027642.
WAYN.COM - Profile of Sarad Manandhar (sarad46), jhochhen ...Sarad Manandhar. Gender, : Male. Age, : 28. Nationality, : Nepalese. Location, : . jhochhen, Nepal (Home). Last login, : 23rd October 2008 ...

Global Internet Services - download a better future - contact usPulchowk Height, Bihar Area, Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Nepal. ... Jhochhen, Kathmandu Phone : 4231962, 4232050 ... Bhimsenthan, Kathmandu Phone : 4261703 ...

HOLY MOUNT KAILASH & MANSAROVAR YATRA :: OVERLAND TOUR - PUPIL ...JHOCHHEN, KATHMANDU, NEPAL. TEL:00977-4230338,4263681,4246516. FAX:00977-4247419 . PO BOX:12270. Newsletter ...

Handicrafts- Silver Jewelleries - Kathmandu, NepalKathmandu, GPO: 1067, Ktm, Jhochhen. Handicrafts · Handicrafts- Knitwear; Handicrafts- Silver Jewelleries. Rating: Not Yet Rated (0) ...

JhochhenWorld / Nepal / Kathmandu, 1 km from center, Coordinates: 27°42'7"N 85°18'27"E. Jhochhen. Permalink to this place. add your comment in English ...

Company Profile..Address (By Courier), : 5/232 Jhochhen, Kathmandu, Nepal. Telephone, : 977- 1- 4246891,4246889 , 4215569 ( Thamel ). Fax, : 977- 1- 4240751 ...

Basantapur, Nhusa, Jhochhe, Ombahal, Kotalachhi, Yangal, Chikamugal, Dharmapath, Dafter

Bhuddhist, Hindu, Christan

Post Office

Goverment school Balsewa and other two.

Mahendra Sankrit Vishwo Vidhalaya

Travel Agency

Pharmacy shop +clinic

  1. Shahi
  2. Maharjan
  3. Bajracharya
  4. Shrestha
  5. Shakya
  6. Dangol
  7. Sthapit
  8. Singh
  9. Suwal
  10. Napit
  11. Prajapati
  12. Manandhar
  13. Munakarmi

Social Club

Power House Club , Olympus Club, Jhyapu Puchha, Dharmapth Club, Daftar Club, Newa Dey Daboo,

Political Party

Nepali Congress, Nepal Communist Party(UML), Nepal Communist Party(Moist), Prajatantra Party


Basantapur, Nhusa, Jhochhe, Ombahal, Kotalachhi, Yangal, Chikamugal, Dharmapath, Dafter

Name Reg.No Address Home Arya Bhattarai 1 Kupondol,Lalitpur Tel ...66, Ka-1-898,Ombahal,Kathmandu Tel:4252663/4252662 Mo:9851054541. Sarvesh Sharma , 85, B-2/741,Baneshwor Mahadevsthan,Kathmandu-10. Tel:4471596 Mo:9851038157

Quality ConsultancyMaitidevi Kathmandu. 53. Saroj Shrestha. Ombahal Kathmandu. 54. Shishir Prasad Gautam. Civil Aviation Authority Off. Ktm. 55. Shraddha Pant

[PDF] Foreign Aid Utilization at Grassroots LevelFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML(A) Babu Ram Shrestha (B. R. Shrestha): Team leader. 1. Nationality. Nepali. 2. Residential Address Ka 1 - 924, Ombahal Kathmandu 3. 3. Telephone No

NEPAL - AMAA NETWORK CONSULTANT HOME PAGE: Information Links on ...Ombahal, Kathmandu Tel: 250418 ... Babarmahal, Kathmandu Tel: 242075, 421652. Fax: 226590 ... Sof-Tec Computer & Marketing House Bhat Bhateni, Kathmandu

South Asian Association for Regional CooperationIt was accorded SAARC recognition in May 1997. 5/647, Ombahal, Kathmandu, Nepal Ph: 4252595 (R) 4247531 (O) E-mail:

dey_trialLocation : Tripureshwor, Kathmandu. Phone : 4226471. Newa Nuga. President : Suman Shrestha. Location : Ombahal , Kathmandu. Phone : 4212232

BRANCHKATHMANDU AIZEN CENTER. Mr. Rabi Charan Shrestha / President 206, Ombahal, Kathmandu-5, NEPAL Mr. M. D. Pradhanang / Secretary General. LALITPUR

EDV- 200653, Saroj Shrestha, Ombahal Kathmandu. 54, Shishir Prasad Gautam, Civil Aviation Authority Off. KTM. 55, Shraddha Pant, Dillibazar kathmandu

Singhini Research Centre Members and AssociatesBabu Raja Maharjan, born in 1977 at Ombahal, Kathmandu, started his aprrenteschip of newar drums ( pashima dhimay, khim, konchakhim et daphakhim) with his

Nepal Red Cross SocietyThe declaration was made amidst a function organized to mark the World Red Cross Day, 2007 at Basantapur Kathmandu. Every year, World Red Cross (WRC) Day is ...

Holi festival near Basantapur, KathmanduPictures of three Nepali men celebrating the Holi festival near Basantapur in the centre of Kathmandu. Holi festival is the festival of colours. ...

Basantapur, Kathmandu Darbar Square on Flickr - Photo Sharing!install the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player. Basantapur, Kathmandu Darbar Square by jk10976. darbar squar kathmandu ...

Gorkhapata::The Rising Nepal::Madhupark::Yubamanch::MunaIn the plaza in front of high buildings in Khichapokhari and Basantapur, Kathmandu’s largest business district many youngsters and old children

Photo: Basantapur-(Kathmandu)-Tower-12 Basantapur (Kathmandu ...richard photos: Basantapur-(Kathmandu)-Tower-12. ... Basantapur (Kathmandu) Tower, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Kathmandu, Nepal ... » Get a Free Blog HereNewari girls in traditional attire on the occasion of “Nepal Sambat New Year 1129″ celebration program at Basantapur Dabali, Kathmandu on Wednesday, ...

Basantapur Tower - Kathmandu - Reviews of Basantapur Tower ...Basantapur Tower: Visit TripAdvisor, your source for the web's best unbiased reviews and articles about Basantapur Tower in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Nepal - Google Books Resultby Bradley Mayhew, Lindsay Brown, Wanda Vivequin ... - 2003 - Travel - 384
The nine-storey Basantapur (Kathmandu) Tower (49) looms over the southern end of the courtyard. The rectangular courtyard is aligned north-south and the ...

Handicrafts...AA Handicrafts,23-Basantapur Kathmandu,Nepal Tel: + a well known organization among the crafts people in Kathmandu,and many of the major tourism cities in Nepal including Pokhra,Solukhmumbu,Muktinath ...

Welcome to Lumbini Bank19, Mr Satya Narayan Manandhar, Dharmapath, Kathmandu, 5669.00, 0.06. 20, Mr Ramesh Lal Shrestha, Sanepa, Lalitpur, 11250.00, 0.11 ...

Nepal Bank Limited21 Jan 2008 ... Kathmandu Banking Office, GPO Box-36, Dharmapath, Kathmandu, Nepal Telephone: + 977-1-4222315. Fax +977-1-4222383, E-mail: ...

INNOVATIVE CREATEERS PVT. LTD.Interior Design of Kathmandu Banking Ofice, Nepal Bank Limited, Dharmapath, Kathmandu, Underconstruction, 29000000.00, Nepal Bank Limited ...

Trade and Export Promotion CentreNew Baneshwor, Kathmandu Post Box : 9062. Tel : 4781195. Fax : 977-1-4718824. Email: Nepal Bank Limited Dharmapath, Kathmandu ...

European Union Culture Centre (Nepal):Contact UsOmbahal, 23ward, Kathmandu, Nepal. GPOBOX : 24081. Email:,. Mobile: +977019803207538, Phone: 4266960. Website: ... :: WorldLink's ClassifiedsContact Person: Rana Bahadur Bhandari. Tel. No.: 9851030188. Contact Address: Dharmapath Kathmandu. Organization: HCE. Remarks: ...

GorkhapatraKathmandu, Dec. 7. A 30-feet tall statue of Lord Buddha representing his ... Gorkhapatra Sansthan - Dharmapath, Kathmandu, Nepal - Tel: 0977-1-4244437 ...

[PDF] Institutional Member of Management Association of Nepal (MAN ...File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
Dharmapath, Kathmandu. Tel. 4222371, 4223790, Fax 4221337. The General Manager. Nepal CRS Company (M. No. 35). P.O. Box 842 Mahadev Tari,Kathmandu ... Box: 386, Dhakhwa Building, Dharma Path, Kathmandu Phone: 4220870. 9. Ganesh Ferrozinc Industries (P) Ltd. Post Box: 1224, Kathmandu ...

Business Opportunities in NepalNature: For the construction of Kathmandu Metropolitan City(KMC), building complex at Dharmapath, Kathmandu. Place to collect from: Executive Officer, ...
rug WarRant :: View topic - Celebrity Stoners: American High Society2 posts - 1 author - Last post: 13 Nov 2008The second shop was located at 5/259 Ombahal, said to be in the Thamel area. When the crime is so minor, having marijuana, - 75k - Cached - Similar pagesParquet - NepalBusiness Listing. Kathmandu, Jhonchhen, OmBahal Chowk. Parquet. Rating: Not Yet Rated (0). National Wood Tech (Royal Parquet). Kathmandu, GPO: 5721, Ktm, - 29k - Cached - Similar pagesFederation of Nepal Cottage And Small IndustriesOmbahal, Kathmandu Nepal Phone No- +977-1-4256863 (Off) +977-1-4256863 (Res) Mailto: Entrepreneurial Involvement: Garment ...
NepalGateway23, Ombahal, Kathmandu, 4225182. Kathmandu Metropolitan Ward Office, Ward No. 3, Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, 4410885. Kathmandu Metropolitan Ward Office;jsessionid=19BAA9E1F088DC07714C7AED3F7C88E4?cid...... - 26k - Cached - Similar pagesForeign Scarves manufacturer and Exporter,Wholesale Scarves and ...Address : Walkhu tole, Ombahal, Lalitpur, Kathmandu 01, Nepal Telephone : +(977)-(1)-535588 Fax : +(977)-(1)-535142. Contact : Mr. Surendra Shakya ...
HELPING TOGETHER (feeling of unity for education)Ombahal, Kathmandu Contact: Mr. Dev Bajracharya. During our registration process we had to make our stamp with our organization's logo. - 22k - Cached - Similar pagesNepal Bhasa Manka KhalaVenue: Olympus Club, Ombahal, Ward no. 23, Kathmandu Metropolitan City. Host: Mr. Devkaji Shakya, The Shakya Foundation. 9. Candle Walk - 13k - Cached - Similar pagesName Reg.No Address Home Ajay Babu Gurung Lumbini/Yellow 003 ...Khumbu, 178, 5/206, Ombahal Ktm. New Baneshwor Tel: 4244253. Mo: 981035586. Sprishya Devkota Lumbini, 223, Jayanti Gully-43, Ktm-33, Gyaneshwor. - 12k - Cached - Similar pagesKHATU INTERNATIONAL,NEPALAdd: 1/F, Malla House, Ombahal, NEPAL. Email: Country: NEPAL. Tel: 00977-1-4227090. Fax: 00977-1-4243843. Buying: - 9k - Cached - Similar pagesA Pride of Nation Lumbini :: MYLUMBINI.COM.NPview · shekharshakya, shekhar shakya, ombahal, Male, computer. view · na2run, na2run Gurung, makar-4,bardaghat,nawalparasi, now in pokhara, Male, study ...

Hanuman Dhoka, Hanuman Dhoka Square, Hanuman Dhoka Kathmandu Nepal
Hanuman Dhoka (Hanuman Gate), with several complexes spread over an area of about five acres, is the social, religious and urban focal point of Kathmandu. - सँग्रहित प्रतिलिपिहरू - हुबहू
Hanuman Dhoka, Kathmandu Durbar Square Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Hanuman Dhoka, Kathmandu Durbar Square. ... Kathmandu durbar square · nepal. Show machine tags (0) Hide machine tags (0) ... - सँग्रहित प्रतिलिपिहरू - हुबहू
CafeDeNepal • View topic - Hanuman Dhoka,Kathmandu
Hanuman Dhoka,Kathmandu. Post by shiva on Sun Jun 21, 2009 4:43 am. Bang in the middle of Kathmandu sits the Durbar Square. It is a complex of beautiful ... - सँग्रहित प्रतिलिपिहरू - हुबहू
File:Taleju, Hanuman Dhoka, Kathmandu.jpg - Wikipedia, the free ...
File:Taleju, Hanuman Dhoka, Kathmandu.jpg. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. File; File history; File links ...,_Ha... - सँग्रहित प्रतिलिपिहरू - हुबहू
Hanuman Dhoka, Kathmandu
Hanuman Dhoka, Kathmandu, tourist attractions, information, pictures, maps. - सँग्रहित प्रतिलिपिहरू - हुबहू
'Himalaya - Changing Landscapes' outdoor photo exhibition at ...
8 Dec 2008 ... The Himalaya - Changing Landscapes photo exhibition is taking place from 2 – 8 December 2008 at Hanuman Dhoka, Kathmandu Durbar Square as ... - सँग्रहित प्रतिलिपिहरू - हुबहू
Hanuman Dhoka, Kathmandu,Kathmandu Tours provides online information on Hanuman Dhoka, Kathmandu. - सँग्रहित प्रतिलिपिहरू - हुबहू
Hanuman Dhoka Kathmandu
Hanuman Dhoka - entrance to the palace museum; so named because of large statue of Lord Hanuman inviting devotees; meant to purify the subject before ... - सँग्रहित प्रतिलिपिहरू - हुबहू - Kathmandu, Lalitpur & Bhaktapur/Hanumandhoka ...
30 Jun 2007 ..., It's a Real Experience, Nepal's Largest Photo Gallery, Travel and Tour Nepal, Photo Competition, Win Prize, Free Photos of ... - सँग्रहित प्रतिलिपिहरू - हुबहू
Entrance to Hanuman Dhoka, Kathmandu, Nepal
30 Sep 2006 ... See a travel photo titled: Entrance to Hanuman Dhoka from Kathmandu, Nepal taken by TravelPod member profbrainstorm. - सँग्रहित प्रतिलिपिहरू - हुबहू