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Thursday, February 24, 2011



4 Korean Martial-arts MMOs to Enter the Market This Year According to the latest news, the top ten MMORPGs on the Korean online game list, including Aion and TERA, which respectively ranked first and second, all belong to the western fantasy genre.
World of Warcraft: Battleground Horde And Alliance Win Ratio From the above two graphs, we can see that the Horde performed better than the Alliance in battlegrounds, but the Alliance did make great progress in the past year and seemed to catch up with the Horde.
Guild Wars 2 Norn Week - Go Big or Go Home Norn are big, and they do everything in a big way, including architecture. The five great structures of Hoelbrak - the Great Lodge and the four lodges dedicated to the Spirits of the Wild - are built on such a scale that...

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