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Saturday, November 15, 2008

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Music Field

  1. Prabesh Man Shakya

  2. DJ Raju

  3. Nhyuee Bajracharja

  4. Sanuraja Maharjan

  5. Baburaja Maharjan

Known as Dakshin Koligram during the Lichchhavi period (300-879 AD), this ward contains a rich cultural heritage exemplified by the temples of Atko Narayan and Jorganesh, the artistic shrine of Nasa-dya and various monastic courtyards. Kumari Chhen or the house of Kumari, which is listed as a World Heritage Site, is also situated in the ward - heightening its significance as a cultural center. Ward No. 23 is a treasure trove of cultural artifacts thanks to its ancient history. And this has made it a tourist hotspot in Kathmandu.
The ward is surrounded by Ward No. 22 in the east, Ward No. 20 in the west, Ward No. 25 in the north, and Ward No. 21 in the south. The ward contained 1,709 households and a population of 8,289 in 2001. Its area is 10.2 hectares.

Address Press
Shakya Offset Press Pvt. Ltd.
Phone: 977-1-4260608,4265185. Fax: 977 -1-4265606. Office: Ombahal tole, Jorganesh, Kathmandu,Nepal ...

Vip Person
Hon. Managal Siddhi Manandhar (For. Minister)
Hon. Prayagraj Sing(For.Minister)
Hon. AstaLaxmi Shakya(Minister commerce)
Hon. MarsalJulum Shakya(For. Minister)
Pabitra Bajracharya(Khuddra Byabar Sang)
contact No.Mr. Pabitra Bajaracharya 4243029 / 9851032771
Ravicharan Shrestha

Address Hotel & Resturent
eden hotel, deyalo resturent

Cyber Cafa
speed cyber, jhhochhen cyber & 5 cyber

Ticketing Shop
10 travel

Kathmandu MetroPolitan city Office (KMC)
olympus club, Phon No. 4225182 and Basantpur

Polic Station
Janasewa, Hanumadhoka

Jhorganesh, KumariGhar, Atkonarayan GaneshMandir, Basantapur DarbarSquar

Dhungay Dhara

Fire Bridge

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Online Bus Ticket Booking. Kathmandu is the capital and largest metropolitan city of Nepal. Kathmandu is not only the capital of the Fed. Kathmandu, as the gateway to Nepal Tourism, is the nerve centre of the country’s economy. With the most advanced infrastructure among urban areas in Nepal, Kathmandu's economy is tourism centric accounting for 3.8% of the GDP in 1995-96.